What is Meditation?

Meditation is a method for bringing the mind and body into a more peaceful state.

Anyone can meditate.

– One must be actively applying mindfulness to be meditating.

– Gradually we become more aware of the full range of our thoughts and feelings and have the opportunity to accept them as they are.

– In this way we are able to give ourselves and others more loving kindness.

– Our mind relaxes.

– The tension in our body gradually diminishes.

– We enjoy deeper, more restful sleep.

– We also gradually develop more and more contentment.

– We are able to deal with challenging situations with clarity, creativity and dignity.


Making the mind go blank….if you have been asked to do this in the past you are very likely to have concluded that you are a poor meditator and that meditation is very difficult. I can assure you that you are not a poor meditator, in my view there is no such thing.

When taught correctly meditation is not difficult, it’s a simple pleasure to enjoy.

– Meditation is not focusing on a narrow band of experiences to suppress or deny the other parts of ourselves. That type of practice generally causes serious problems for the meditator later in their journey.

–  Meditation is not Counselling or Psychotherapy, however meditation and Counselling/Psychotherapy can support each other.

– A very good piece written about the last two points can be found at  http://www.buddhanet.net/psymed1.htm

– Some people enjoy listening to relaxation CD’s. Whilst this can be very pleasant and beneficial; unless it’s done with mindfulness it’s not meditation as such.