Cultivating positive minds and watching ‘what is’

I’ve seen no evidence that solely practising the cultivation of positivity heals people from their previous suppressed and repressed hurt.

Watching what is, is no more than that. It’s seeing what’s arising and observing it. It’s not a system any more than breathing is a system. It’s just observing ‘what is’.

Practising positivity and cultivating positive thoughts and positive states of mind is relatively easy. I can do it, you can do it, many can do it. And we can get into sublime conditioned states of peace, love, non-judgement, compassion, gratitude etc. It’s very easy with repetition over years and years. The mind will do anything and become soaked in any state with repetition. It’s why loads of people believe theirs is the right path…..they all produce what they set out to produce.

I’ve seen people practice repetitive mental and emotional conditioning for 30 to 40 years and more and it’s an extremely committed way to practice suppression.

It can be done for a whole lifetime and the person can die having suppressed and repressed the trauma that occurred beforehand for a whole lifetime.

My evidence for this is that pretty much every spiritual tradition/sect/school etc that promotes positivity as a way of healing has cases of leaders or very senior members committing abuse. If you doubt this check online as follows….type the name of the group and the word ‘controversy’ then start reading.

To reject these teachers, guides etc as frauds is easy and I have done it in the past. And yet there’s no doubt they’d practised diligently, they can wax lyrical about positive mental and emotional conditioning and sublime states. They can wax lyrical about non judgement and kindness and peace and love. And then eventually the vast majority go pop!

This is because the suppressed and repressed trauma/negativity/negative tendencies etc were just stuffed down,  avoided and compacted; and then they start to break through in the background. Once someone makes a pious public statement of their ‘purity and goodness’ they are trapped in a reputation/PR situation. Then what can they do when their shadow can’t be suppressed and repressed any longer? They start to ‘play out’ covertly or spin it as ‘crazy wisdom’ even though there’ll be no real consent from the student. Schools, traditions, sects are full of this.

If you only allow a certain kind of thought or feeling to arise, by definition it’s suppression, it’s self medication like alcohol, drugs or gambling but it doesn’t look like those or function like those because it looks like high level refined spirituality. And it is. This is the point, very successful refined spiritual practice based on cultivating more and more positivity is the avoidance method hardest to spot by ourselves and others. It’s a form of deluded self compassion. It has good intentions but it’s ultimately a subconscious or conscious racket.

I’ve observed in my own practice that cultivating positive states is healthy, it warms the heart and helps the healing. I’d even suggest that it’s essential. However taking it to the extreme that most spiritual and religious groups do is not healthy, it’s avoidance and it kicks back hard when the suppression and repression can’t hold in the trauma and hurt any longer. At that point gurus and leaders are trapped. At that point they need to make the bold step to admit their humanness and the flaws in the method. I’ve never known one do that though, they instead start to play out the dysfunction behind closed doors within their inner circle, or label it high level practice even though there’s no consent from the student.

Practising positive states of mind whilst allowing healing to occur mindfully is a balanced honest approach that avoids suppression and repression and creates more self compassion and self acceptance.