Searching for a Guru.

What is the way to find our spiritual guru?

The true guru is inner stillness.

Others can help us to find that stillness within us but they cannot be it for us.

Even transmission does not occur unilaterally. It requires both parties to be ready and it is still only an introduction to stillness.

Once stillness is the observer there often starts to be a natural flow to life.

Synchronicity start to occur more frequently, instinct and intuition become more accessible and refined, that little quiet voice in our heads becomes a guiding light, compassion finds soothing words or none at all, love starts to heal more, connection to others becomes easier, the joy of little things occurs spontaneously, gratitude wells up, the ability to say I don’t know gets easier, apologising gets easier, insight unravels the mind.

All of this and much more is the Guru. The inner Guru.

The function of the outer teacher is to help the person access their inner guru.

Sometimes this stillness is found without a teacher and sometimes the deepest stillness arises spontaneously shortly after the deepest despair.

This inner Guru is in all of us but it can never be recognised when our minds eye is still searching for an Outer Guru. Letting go of searching for this external refuge is the first step to spiritual maturity.

The Meditation Teacher can be projected onto. Deep down the child within us wants the perfect parents they didn’t get. Mourn for that Mum & Dad you didn’t get but don’t project that onto a Spiritual Teacher otherwise it will end in disappointment. They are not your idealised Mum or Dad and never will be even if they try to play that part, which thy shouldn’t but so often do.

If you do find yourself hanging on to every word of someone presenting themselves as a Guru with all the answers look inside yourself to find the child that yearns for the perfect parent. Then sit with that lovingly and the journey to the inner guru will have started.